deleted_objects : The Deleted Objects object.

The Deleted Objects object is used to display information about deleted objects. You can retrieve it from the appliance only as a part of DB Objects response.

Object Reference

This object does not support references.


The object does not support the following operations:

  • Create (insert)
  • Delete
  • Read (retrieve)
  • Modify (update)
  • Read by object reference
  • Global search (searches via the search object)
  • Scheduling
  • CSV export

The object cannot be managed on Cloud Platform members.


These fields are actual members of the object; thus, they can be requested by using _return_fields, if the fields are readable.

The basic version of the object contains the field(s): object_type.



The object type of the deleted object. This is undefined if the object is not supported.




The field is not available for search.


The object_type is part of the base object.

The object_type cannot be updated.

object_type cannot be written.

Fields List

Field Type Req R/O Base Search
object_type String N Y Y N/A