grid:servicerestart:group:order : Restart Group Order object.

The Grid Service Restart Group Order Setting is used to set the restart order for particular services and members.

Object Reference

References to grid:servicerestart:group:order are object references.

The name part of the Service Restart Group Order Setting object reference has the following components:

  • The ‘order’ string

Example: grid:servicerestart:group:order/ZG5zLmJpbmRfY25h:order


The object does not support the following operations:

  • Delete
  • Read (retrieve)
  • Modify (update)
  • Permissions
  • Read by object reference
  • Global search (searches via the search object)
  • Scheduling
  • CSV export

The object cannot be managed on Cloud Platform members.


These fields are actual members of the object; thus, they can be requested by using _return_fields, if the fields are readable.

The following fields are required to create this object:

Field Notes



The ordered list of the Service Restart Group.


String array.


The field is required on creation.


The field is not available for search.

Fields List

Field Type Req R/O Base Search
groups [String] Y N N N/A